A short guide to abbreviations used on The Electrical Depot

The Electricaldepot.com uses references to different certification bodies. They are used on our website to assure you compliance to a variety of standards for our products. The following is a handy guide to what the various icons/abbreviations stand for and what they signify. We hope they will be useful.


National Standard Parts,

National Standard Parts,

 National Standard Parts Associates, Inc (NSPA) recognized early on that electrical failures were major problems in the industry and that wire corrosion and wire pull-out were the two main causes of electrical failures. The Sealed Electrical System™ (SES) is the solution to this multi-billion dollar problem. NSPA started assembling our first crimp-style heat shrink connectors in the early 1980’s. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of sealed, heat shrink connectors and terminals. After 30 years, our motto has stayed the same, “Do It Once, Do It Right!” NSPA is a family owned business that still operates today using traditional values and understands the importance of honesty, integrity, and building strategic alliances with its customers.·  (From NSPA)


American wire gage

A particular series of specified diameters and thicknesses established as a standard in the United States and used for nonferrous sheets, rods, and wires. Also used in designating the corresponding connector.

Mil Spec

 Ie: Applicable Specifications: MIL-1-23053/, Class 1; AMS 3634; UL File E-157227

When you see this notation it means it is classified for military use. I may also cross over to aviation use. Usually well made high standard. 


SAE International, initially established as the Society of Automotive Engineers, is a U.S.-based, globally active Professional Association and standards developing organization for engineering professionals in various industries. Principal emphasis is placed on transport industries such as automotiveaerospace, and commercial vehicles.  (from Wikipedia )   


International Standards Orginazation- technical body that sets quality control standards for materials and processes. Assures Quality to customers who use the products. 


American National Standards Institute, Inc.

Another certifying organization. Certifies electrical connectors to be sure they meet safety standards.

These are a few of the most used abbreviations you may come across on our website. If you find any others we may have missed, please us know. We will add them.