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RETYZ™ Releasable Cable Ties

RENTZ™ was designed and developed for a specific need from an industry lead in the aerospece industry. This need was twofold.  The tie had to be cinched tight arouind cable budles while also being quickly released with no tools.  The RENTZ™ reusable tie is like no oteher tie on the market today.  It can be cinched tighly around an object and releaed with just two fingers.  The RETYZ™ reusable tie si desinged with repeated use in mind and features a comfortable and easy-to-use release mechanism.  This mechanism allows a user to remove ties hundres, if not thousands of times, without discomfort or pain in their fingers.   The thumb pad and back plate work simultaneously to allow relesable action with just two fingers and minimum pressure.  Those two units work in conjunction with the MicroAdjust™ Track for fine-tooth adjustment and ultimate tension control.

  • Material Type:  Nylon 6/6 Genral Purpose 
  • Minimum Operating Temp:  -40° C / -40°F 
  • Maximum Operating Temp:  85°/ 185°F 
  • UL Flame Rating:  94V-2 
  • ASTM: Conforms to ASTM D-4066 PA 0111
  • Federal•:  Confomrs to Federal Specification LP-410a 
  • Military•:  Conforms to Military Specification MIL-M-20693B 
  • FDA:  Complies with 21 CFR 177-1500 
  • • Superseded by ASTM D-4066 

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