Top selling items you might need …

At The Electrical Depot we proudly provide customers quality products at competitive prices.  Below are some of our top selling products that customers continuously purchase. Connectors: Deutsch DT connectors remain at the top of list for connectors sold on a regular basis.  Deutsch provides a variety of connector options that allow our customers to find… Read more

PA1461 Crimp Tool

The Greenlee PA1461 crimp tool is an economic tool that is used for crimping terminals between 20awg and 12awg. 4-Indent D-Sub Crimper. Features: Crimp 4 indentations onto closed-barrel d-subminiature contacts for various computer & electrical connections. Applications include: printer connectors, joystick connectors, video connectors, analog/digital audio conenctors, electrical connectors and electronic connectors. Full-cycle ratchet mechanism… Read more

HDT-48-00 Crimp Tool

The Deutsch HDT-48-00 is a top of the line crimping tool when it comes to crimping Deutsch terminals.  This world class tool offers precision crimps each and every time.  With the ratchet style handle, this tool will never allow you to over or under crimp your connections. This tool is offered for $257.00 on,… Read more

Welcome to our blog …

  Welcome to the new Electrical Depot blog! In blog posts to come, you will find “how-to” videos.  We will provide a customer convenience to those who want to know more about the items they are buying on our site. We appreciate your loyalty and thank you for visiting us on The Electrical