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Technical solutions on circuit protection from
The bolt-down design of the MIDI® Fuse with copper terminals guarantees a reliable, lowresistance
connection. With this design, you can maintain significantly more pressure than a
blade contact. Higher pressure assures less resistance. The bolts also help maintain the
connection during vibrations that my shake another type of devise loose.
This MIDI® style fuse offers a bolt-on space saving fuse for high current wiring protection and
provides time delay characteristics by using a process called Diffusion Pill Technology. This
technology allows for low energy dissipation coupled with desired time delay by introducing a
small tin pellet to lower the melt temperature.
They are available in the following Amp ratings and are color coded: 30 orange, 40 green, 50
red, 60 yellow, 70 brown, 80 white, 100 blue, 125 pink, 150 black and 200 purple. They have
the following features: 32 volts DC, Interrupting Rating: 1000A @ 32 volts DC, Operating
Temperature: -40°F to 257°F.

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