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Solder Pellet Kit

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  • Part Number: Solder Pellet Kit
  • Manufactured by: NSPA


Solder Pellet Assortment Kit 

Kit Containes pre-measured solder pellets in 6 gauge thru 4/0 sizes 

Solder pellets are colored coded to industry standards for proper identification 

Flux core prevents dirt and contaminants from hindering the soldering process

60 total pieces all contained in plastic box with secure latch 

  • 6 ga, 10 pellets, color gray, pn CL-6 
  • 4 ga, 10 pellets, color gray, pn CL-4 
  • 2 ga, 10 pellets, color green, pn CL-2 
  • 1 ga, 10 pellets, color pink, pn CL-1
  • 1/0, 5 pellets, color black, pn CL-1/0 
  • 2/0, 5 pellets, color orange, pn CL-2/0 
  • 3/0, 5 pellets, color purple, pn CL-3/0
  • 4/0, 5 pellets, color yellow, pn CL-4/0 
  • Plastic box with latch 



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