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* Weather Pack

Weather Pack

The Weather Pack system is a modular electrical connector system that seals The connection against moisture and dirt.

  • Female connector body comes with a silicone seal to help ease the connection 
  • Nylon housings are rated: -40C to +125C (257F) degrees 
  • Available in 1 through 6 contact configuration, and in a 22 lead bulk head configuration.
  • Terminals are rated: 20 amps at 12V DC

                            Weather Pack connectors are typically used in automotive marine and agriculture applications where moisture, dirt or inclement weather or other harsh conditions exist. When you want to be sure of continuity of your connections but still be able to separate sections of the electrical system for replacement or repair, Weather Pack is a good choice. The system's reliability (proven in use on many brands of street cars) makes it ideal for race car electrical systems. Weather Pack connectors are extensively used in tough applications like construction and Farm equipment.

Delphi-Weather Pack and accessories can be purchased here
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